The Causes of Large Diameter Spiral Pipe Wrong Side

The causes of large diameter spiral pipe wrong side: large diameter spiral steel pipe production, the wrong side have occurred with many of its factors. In the production practice, often the wrong side of the ultra-poor leaving dry pipe downgrade. Therefore analyze the causes and prevention of large diameter spiral pipe produced the wrong side is necessary.

1, the strip camber is caused by the wrong side of the main factors pipe. In forming the spiral welded pipe, steel strip camber angle will constantly change shape, leading to changes in the weld gap, resulting in open seams, wrong side or even take sides. Seriously affecting the quality of steel, so the observation camber steel strip coil-after by controlling the vertical roll can be cut to make the disc as well as the continuous removal of part of camber angle control and corrective shaping is to reduce the camber of the strip in the production process effective way to produce the wrong side.

2, due to the poor without trimming strip head and tail of shape and dimensional accuracy, could easily lead to hard docking strip caused by bending the wrong side.

3, strip head and tail welding butt weld reinforcement is larger when over molding if not handled properly, is likely to cause greater wrong side.

4, the strip edges in poor condition is another important cause of the wrong side of.

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