The Characteristics and Use of Precision Welded Pipe

Precision welded pipe is a broad concept, according to the different use requirement, there are many different personalized quality requirements. Precision welded pipe is the further improved result that based on the general welded steel pipe, is the fine products in the welded steel pipe products. Prime Steel Pipe as the comprehensive steel pipe manufacturer and exporter from China, has been committed to provides high-quality steel pipe for sale, if you have any requirement of precision welded pipe, please contact us.

Key Features of Precision Welded Pipe

Precision welded pipe has a fine geometric size, thickness of the transverse wall is uniform, shape of steel pipe is good, oval is small, the quality of welding line is good and burrs are small, the outer surface is smooth. Steel pipe after welding line heat treatment or protective atmosphere heat treatment, can achieve the effect of surface without oxygen, steady mechanical properties and metallurgical uniform. Its production costs are much lower than similar seamless steel pipe, and it can be directly or after a small amount of processing used for some equipment, which will reduce equipment processing costs.

Use of Precision Welded Pipe

Precision welded pipe is mainly used in chemical, textile, machinery, instrumentation, aviation, automotive and other fields. Such as cars, motorcycles on the buffer, reducer, condenser, tank pipe, drive shaft, silencer, control shaft, thrust brake tube, hydraulic cylinder, cylinder, jack, all kinds of conveyor rollers, belt roller, Textile printing and dyeing roller, textile fiber machine with draft pipe, hydraulic support tube, deep well pump pipe, all kinds of mechanical light pipe, electric heater outer tube and household appliances, etc..