Hardness of Galvanized Steel Pipe

Galvanized steel pipe is a steel pipe that has been coated with zinc. This coating protects the steel from corrosion. It is most commonly used for outdoor construction like fences and handrails, or for some interior plumbing. The zinc provides a barrier against corrosion so that the pipe may be exposed to the outdoor environmental elements. The protective barrier proves equally effective against damage from indoor humidity.

Galvanized steel can be made into a strong plumbing or tubing material — one that resists corrosion from exposure to water or the elements. It has been used used for water-supply pipes or as a strong tubing for outdoor applications.

Galvanized steel hardness
Galvanized Steel are those steel that has been covered with a layer of zinc metal. Galvanized steel in terms of hardness test is a Brinell hardness, Rockwell hardness, Vickers hardness, Shore hardness, micro-hardness and high-temperature hardness, etc., which can be divided into a variety, most of the manufacturers or using a Buchner,Rockwell, Vickers hardness of these three methods.

Brinell hardness measurement principle is the test force F (N) with a certain size, the diameter D (mm) of hardened steel balls or carbide ball pressed into the surface of the metal under test, to maintain a predetermined time after the drop test force, the the indentation average diameter d (mm) measured with a reading microscope, and then the equation Brinell hardness HB value, or the value d from the prepared Brinell hardness table to detect HB Brinell hardness measurement method is suitable for cast iron, non-alloy, annealing and quenching and tempering steel, the determination should not be too hard, too small, too thin and the surface does not allow the larger indentation specimen or workpiece.

Rockwell hardness test when the sample is too small or Brinell hardness (HB) is greater than 450, to switch to a Rockwell hardness measurement. The test method is an apex angle of 120 degrees with a diamond cone or the diameter 1.59mm/3.18mm the ball, pressed into the surface of the material under a certain load, the hardness of the material by the indentation depth obtained.

The Vickers hardness means a standard of the hardness of the material. Vickers hardness there is a small negative Vickers hardness test load 1.961 <49.03N, it applies to a thinner workpiece, the tool surface or coating hardness measurement; micro-Vickers hardness test load <1.961N applicable to the metal foil, , of the ultra-thin surface layer hardness measurement.


In Stock ERW Pipe Price June 21 - June 28, 2018

API 5L/A53 GR.B, ERW Steel Pipe
Outside DiameterWall ThicknessLengthQuantity 数量RemarkEXW CHINA 
外径 (mm)壁厚 (mm)长度 (mtr)PCS 根数TON 吨位Surface,EndUSD/TON
45711.75 1287134.69 PE. BLACK$723.61
29912.70 127681.77 PE. BLACK$716.67
323.912.70 1298114.62 PE. BLACK$695.83
355.612.70 12115148.20 BE. BLACK$709.72
40612.70 124870.95 BE. BLACK$716.67
45712.70 123558.44 BE. BLACK$723.61
55912.70 1266135.50 BE. BLACK$723.61
53012.70 1278151.64 BE. BLACK$751.39
61012.70 1286193.05 BE. BLACK$751.39
168.35.00 6354.23 BE. BLACK$668.06
141.35.3675 8.00 BE. BLACK$668.06
114.366114 10.96 BE. BLACK$668.06
2736.5 6132 33.83 BE. BLACK$668.06
2196.8 698 20.77 BE. BLACK$668.06
2198.00688 21.98 BE. BLACK$709.72
33.42.50663 0.72 BE. BLACK$681.94
42.32.506152 2.24 BE. BLACK$675.00
48.32.756243 4.50 BE. BLACK$654.17
60.33.006165 4.20 BE. BLACK$661.11
733.251289 5.97 BE. BLACK$681.94
763.512695.18 BE. BLACK$661.11
89412898.95 BE. BLACK$654.17
114.34.75127812.01 BE. BLACK$654.17
12756565.05 BE. BLACK$668.06
168.35.7567410.23 BE. BLACK$668.06
168.36.0 12339.51 BE. BLACK$668.06
168.37.8 126523.93 BE. BLACK$681.94
1788.0 68717.51 BE. BLACK$675.00
1948.0 68819.37 BE. BLACK$695.83
219.19.8 1210965.84 BE. BLACK$723.61
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          3. The above price is NOT including any packing and end processing charge;
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          5. The applicapable MOQ for this price list is over 25 tons;

Hot Rolling and Cold Rolling Process of Seamless Steel Pipe

Generally, there are two processes of seamless steel pipe: hot rolling process and cold rolling process.

Hot rolled seamless steel pipes will be coated with oil after a rigorous quality control by staff, then followed by several cold experiments and perforation experiments. If the perforation is too large, it needs straightening correction. After straightening correction, then transmitted by the transmitting device to the testing machine for testing experiments. If everything is all right, hot rolled seamless steel pips will be labeled and placed to the warehouse according to their specifications.

The process of cold rolled seamless steel pipes is more complicated than hot rolled seamless steel pipes. The pipe must through a three-roll rolling first and then will be sized after extrusion. If there is no cracks, cut it by cutting machine and anneal it by acidic liquid pickling. If there is a lot of bubble during pickling, it means that the seamless steel pipes can not reach required standards.


ASTM A53 Standard

ASTM A53 Standard refers to seamless and welded steel tube, about surface treatment, it also refers to black and hot-dipped galvanized steel tube.

The tube categorized in this standard must be open-hearth, basic-oxygen or electric-furnace processed and must have the following chemical requirements: carbon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, copper, nickel, chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium, etc.

The tubing shall go through a seamless or welding technique. Tension, bend, and flattening tests shall be performed to make sure that it must adhere to the mechanical properties of the standard.

Hydrostatic test shall be applied, without leakage through the weld seam nor the pipe body. Nondestructive electric test shall be made to make sure that the full volume of the tube must be in accordance with the standard.


The Classification of Welded Steel Pipe According to Function

General welded pipe is used for transporting low pressure liquid. Use Q195A, Q215A, Q235A steel manufacturing. Also can be used to other mild steel welding manufacturing. Welded steel pipe for pressure, bending, flattening and so on experiment, the surface quality is a certain request, usually the delivery length is from 4 to 10 m, which often required scale delivery of the goods. Of the specifications of the welded steel pipe in nominal diameter nominal diameter is different from the actual, welded pipe with wall thickness by the regulation with ordinary steel pipe and thickening structural steel pipe, steel pipe and the form of the pipe end points with thread and don't take two.

Galvanized steel pipe, in order to improve the corrosion resistance of steel tube, for galvanized welded steel pipe commonly. Zinc galvanization steel tube hot dip galvanized and electrical steel, hot dip galvanized zinc coating thickness, the cost of electric is low. Oxygen tube welding is used for steelmaking oxygen tube. It is generally with small diameter welding pipe, specifications by 3/8 inch - 2 inch eight. With 8, 10, 15, 20, or Q195 - made of Q235 steel strip. For corrosion protection, some aluminized processing.

The wire casing is ordinary carbon welded steel pipe, used in concrete and various power distribution project, common nominal diameter from 13-76 - mm. Wire set set wall is thinner, mostly for coating or galvanized after use, requirements for cold bending test. The metric system of welded pipe, which specifications in the form of a seamless tube, expressed in mm outside diameter with thick wall of welded steel pipe. It can be used for ordinary carbon steel, quality carbon steel or low alloy steel in the tropics, cold welding, or with tropical again after the cold welding method is made. Metric can tube welding points, and thin wall, the common used as a structure, such as transmission shaft, or transmission fluid, thin wall used to make furniture, lamps and lanterns and so on to ensure that the steel pipe strength and bending test.

The roller tube is used in belt conveyor roller welded steel pipe. Q215, Q235A, B are  commonly used in steel and 20 steel manufacture, 63.5 219.0 mm in diameter. Of tube bending, end face to the center line of the vertical, ovality has certain requirements, general water pressure and the flattening test. Transformer tube is used in the manufacture of transformer radiator pipe and other heat exchanger. It is using common carbon steel manufacturing, requirement of flattening, flaring, bending and hydraulic test. Mild steel pipe to length or delivery times ruler, steel tube bending has certain requirements. Welding thin wall pipe is mainly used for making furniture, toys, lamps and so on. The current belt made of stainless steel thin wall welded steel pipe application is very wide, senior furniture, decoration, fencing and so on.


In Stock ERW Pipe Price May 31 - June 6, 2018

API 5L/A53 GR.B, ERW Steel Pipe
Outside DiameterWall ThicknessLengthQuantity 数量RemarkEXW CHINA 
外径 (mm)壁厚 (mm)长度 (mtr)PCS 根数TON 吨位Surface,EndUSD/TON
33.43.25 63004.35 BLACK$670.65
42.33.75 659012.62 BLACK$689.00
48.33.75 665916.29 BLACK$679.12
60.34.25 655019.39 BE. BLACK$689.00
734.75 61688.06 BE. BLACK$689.00
88.95.00 625315.70 BE. BLACK$674.88
114.36.00 618717.98 BE. BLACK$674.88
168.38.00 615028.46 BE. BLACK$681.94
193.76.80 69818.43 BE. BLACK$681.94
2196.80 65010.68 BE. BLACK$677.71
244.55636 6.38 BE. BLACK$681.94
2736659 13.98 BE. BLACK$681.94
177.88.0 698 19.70 BE. BLACK$683.36
1524.8 669 7.14 BE. BLACK$679.12
1596.806256 39.20 BE. BLACK$673.47
33.43.506300 4.35 BLACK$680.53
42.34.006590 12.62 BLACK$696.06
48.34.006659 16.29 BLACK$701.71
60.34.506550 19.39 BE. BLACK$686.18
735.006168 8.06 BE. BLACK$691.83
88.95.25625315.70 BE. BLACK$673.47
114.36.25618717.98 BE. BLACK$701.71
168.38.25615028.46 BE. BLACK$690.42
193.77.0569818.43 BE. BLACK$681.94
2197.0565010.68 BE. BLACK$677.71
244.55.3 6366.38 BE. BLACK$681.94
2736.3 65913.98 BE. BLACK$681.94
177.88.3 69819.70 BE. BLACK$683.36
1525.0 6697.14 BE. BLACK$679.12
1597.0 625639.20 BE. BLACK$673.47
219.19.8 1210965.84 bare pipe, BE$674.88
48.262.6 6170.30 RED PAINTING,
60.322.6 6250.56 $679.12
114.32.9 680.38 $809.01
48.262.6 6330.58 $790.66
88.92.9 680.30 GROOVE END, CAPS$790.66
48.263.56250.58 $793.48
60.323.75680.25 GROOVE END, CAPS, BLACK$666.41
1. The above price is based on BARE PIPE, for extra coating, please contact sales@primesteeltube.com
          2. The above price is based on EXW, for FOB/CIF/CFR price, please contact sales@primesteeltube.com;
          3. The above price is NOT including any packing and end processing charge;
          4. The above price is only valide during May 31 - June 6
          5. The applicapable MOQ for this price list is over 25 tons;