The Benefits and Applications of Alloy Steel Pipes

​The main applications of alloy steel pipes is power station, nuclear power plant, high pressure boiler, high temperature superheater and re-heater coil etc. of high temperature pipeline and equipments.

The advantages of alloy steel pipes: 100% recycled, it is suitable for the national strategy of environmental protection, energy-saving and resource-saving. Therefore, the national policy encourages the expansion of the high pressure alloy steel pipe applications. At present, the proportion of the total alloy steel tube is half of the developed countries. The applications of alloy steel pipe provide a broad space for the industry development. According to the research of the China association of special steel alloy pipe expert group, our country’s high pressure alloy steel pipe material demand grows by an average of up to 10-12%.

How do I choose which alloy steel to use? Selecting the right alloy  for a specific application is vitally important in order to achieve a sustainable solution, while cost aspects must also be taken into consideration. There are several stages when material selection needs to be made: new applications and equipment, new processes and process changes, exchange of material due to poor performance, exchange of existing material to minimize cost

To make the right material selection it is important to get a full picture of the service conditions the steel will face. The first aspects to consider could be material related, for example: corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, fabric ability, physical properties, surface aspects

Order--Precise Seamless Pipe to Brasil

Standard: SAE 4140/SAE 8620
Specification: Ø14.35mm(+0.10mm/-0) X 10mm(+0.05mm/+0.30mm)X6000mm
                         Ø19.5mm(±0.08mm) X 14.6mm(±0.15mm) X 6000mm
                         Ø38.10mm (+0/-0.16mm) X 19.9 (+0.10mm/-0) X 6000mm
Surface: bare
Ends: PE
Quantity: 17.8t
Production Time: 30 DAYS
Destination: Brasil
Sales Expert: Iris Hu