2017 Has a Long Way to Reduce Capacity

The state council information office will held a press conference reference of leading  the economic development of the new normal and deepening the reform of the supply side ,  director of the national development and reform commission, said in 2017 the requirements  of reducing the production capacity will be higher, the pressure will be greater. As a  LSAW steel pipe, DSAW steel pipe, 3 PE anticorrosive coating pipe and other products  production services vendors, Shinestar group has been very attention to reducing  capacity. Shinestar steel research institute believes that have a long way to go to the  process of reducing production capacity, have pressure to just have power.

In 2016, during the process of reducing production capacity ,we encounter many new  problems and new situations, such as the contradiction between supply and demand, price  fluctuations,etc. Price is an important indicator of the baton role is very important for  the supply and demand.

At the beginning of 2016 ,steel price index is only about 60, in the second half of  2016,the price index rose to 100, the price also have a substantial rise. Line, rebar,  cold rolled sheet, plate steel, at the beginning of the year the price also is little  more than 2200 yuan per ton, 3800 yuan by the?end of the year. At the beginning of bohai  sea power coal prices index, 370 yuan per ton, in the second half once topped 680 yuan,  fluctuates up and down at the end of this year or in 600 yuan per ton.

Shinestar steel institute think about it, one is the inventory of the cover, because the  economic operation is smooth, enterprises need to cover the inventory; Second, active  reduce production, steel and coal enterprise according to the demand of production  capacity to compress the output; Third is the ultra falls, is the economic slowdown when  price down; Forth is policy expectations, everyone think efforts in increasing capacity,  may reduce the supply, prices are likely to pick up. But overall, the supply and demand  fundamentals have no fundamental change, price fluctuation is a comprehensive result of  short-term factors, it also can meet the demand of economic stability good, increasing  trend.

There are some more complex factors affecting price fluctuation, such as electricity,  road, rail capacity, etc. For this kind of situation, the national development and reform  commission together with relevant departments, trade associations, etc adopted measures:  the first is the orderly release efficient advanced capacity, increase production. The  second is to guide coal with coal enterprises signed a long-term agreement or contract,  change its way to trade, it also play a positive role. The third is the specification of  coal price index of compiling and publishing. The fourth is a specification of coal  distribution activity, strengthen the security of railway transportation.

Relevant departments are making 2017 plan of steel coal reducing production capacity,  sciencely making mission objectives. To further strengthen the safety standards and  backward production capacity standards, "zombie" companies must as a "key", speed up from  the closure.

China's steel industry should have deep understanding to the importance of capacity,  change thinking methods, deepen the reform of the supply side. As steel whole service in  the field of enterprise, Shinestar group will do a good job in the lead, to speed up the  transformation and upgrading, strive to produce high quality LSAW steel pipe, 3 PE  anticorrosive coating steel pipe, large diameter DSAW steel pipe, and API line pipe manufacturer, for  the healthy and stable development of iron and steel industry efforts.

In Stock ERW Pipe Price 2017/02/16

 Updated Price List For In Stock ERW Steel Pipe On FEB,16,2017
API 5L/A53   GR.B, ERW Steel Pipe, Carbon Steel
Outside DiameterWall ThicknessLengthQuantity 数量Remark 标记EXW CHINA 出厂价 
外径 (mm)壁厚 (mm)长度 (mtr)PCS 根数TON 吨位Surface,EndUSD/TON 美金每吨
33.43.38 65601.40 BLACK$547.71
42.33.56 62100.71 BLACK$552.94
48.33.68 61700.69 BLACK$543.79
60.33.91 610005.44 BE. BLACK$539.87
735.16 68607.42 BE. BLACK$556.86
88.95.49 61121.26 BE. BLACK$560.78
114.35.74 61562.40 BE. BLACK$538.56
168.36.02 62405.78 BE. BLACK$545.10
2196.55 634311.77 BE. BLACK$538.56
2737.11 646621.72 BE. BLACK$545.10
33.42.9623030.10BE. BLACK$571.63
42.32.97619834.22BE. BLACK$584.71
60.33.186420112.88PE BLACK$570.33
734.786378182.38PE BLACK$567.71
88.94.786296176.10PE BLACK$567.71
114.34.786350271.10BE. BLACK$567.71
168.35.166280348.75BE. BLACK$575.56
2197.046160353.26BE. BLACK$578.17
2737.86150459.10BE. BLACK$558.56
33.42.10 63335BLACK$563.00
42.24.00 63938BLACK$566.00
48.33.25 641210BLACK$536.00
60.34.25 652117BE. BLACK$559.00
734.75 661832BE. BLACK$559.00
88.95.25 622115BE. BLACK$546.00
114.38.00 619719BE. BLACK$570.00
168.38.75 65910BE. BLACK$559.00
2199.75 610627BE. BLACK$552.00
2737.75 6228BE. BLACK$552.00
   Note:  1. The above price is based on bare pipe, for extra coating, please contact sales@primesteeltube.com;
             2. The above price is based on EXW, for FOB/CIF/CFR price, please contact sales@primesteeltube.com;
             3. The above price is not including any packing and end processing charge, for detailed quotation, please contact sales@primesteeltube.com;
             4. The above price is only valide during FEB16-  FEB23;
             5. The applicapable MOQ for this price list is over 25 tons;


Foster Competitive Advantages, Build a New Momentum of Foreign Trade

At present, China's foreign trade has entered a new stage, foreign trade’ s traditional
kinetic energy growth momentum has quickened significantly. As a Welding steel pipe, line pipe, straight seam submerged arc welding pipe, galvanized pipe, submerged arc weld spiral welded pipe, scaffolding and other products of steel production services provider, Shinestar group has been paying close attention to the development of foreign trade. Today, Shinestar Steel Research Institute will talk about how to foster new competitive advantages, and build a new kinetic energy sustainable development of foreign trade from the following several aspects.
Expand the trade development space
Firstly, we should actively build global free trade network, improve the utilization efficiency of existing free trade zone. Second, we should attach importance to use of foreign direct investment and international cooperation capacity of the enterprise' s export. In the past two years, China's foreign direct investment and manufacturing capacity cooperation has achieved significant results, and in accordance with the "area" all the way along the country to speed up infrastructure interconnectivity and international cooperation capacity, effectively expand the emerging markets.
Develop foreign trade new advantages vigorously 
Implement the strategy of trading powers should first improve the enterprise innovation ability, especially should pay attention to improve the innovation vigor of small and medium-sized enterprises. We must change the traditional extensive mode of production and realize the "made in China to created in China, Chinese speed toward the Chinese quality, Chinese products to the Chinese brand". More policy and the release of enterprise innovation vitality, speed up the master the core and key technologies, and promote the traditional manufacture into intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing and service transition, formed the quality and efficiency of manufacturing competitive advantage.
To speed up the fusion model innovation
The Internet economy has brought the global trade, business model and service model of rapid innovation, also closely integrated with the Internet trade is speeding up the traditional trade, expand trade development space for us to provide the favorable opportunity. One is to encourage development of cross-border electricity standard, we will accelerate the establishment of a management system, supervision system and statistical system. In recent years, China's cross-border electrical business developed very rapidly and has the advantage, but at the same time of rapid growth also exist many problems, should attach great importance to and guide the healthy development of it. The second is to speed up the development of foreign trade comprehensive service enterprises, promote the comprehensive, platform, network operations, improve the level of supply chain management and integrated services, help the export enterprises to exploit the international market, reduce the comprehensive cost.
Deepen reform of the system and service innovation
We should be in market access, intellectual property protection, environmental protection, labor law, etc to speed up the reform, create the market environment of fair competition. Actively promote the "integration of customs clearance" and "one-stop office" such as "single window" efficient management mode, improve the efficiency of government services, policy transparency and the level of trade facilitation. Strengthening the information service, legal advice, intellectual property rights and other public service system construction.
In brief, the foreign trade situation of severe complex need to keep our stable mentality, strategic concentration, efforts to promote healthy development of foreign trade and stable. Shinestar group will seize the favorable opportunity for those routes, to speed up the transformation of the mode of foreign trade development for the global customers with a variety of high-quality welding steel pipe, line pipe, straight seam submerged arc welding pipe, galvanized steel pipe, submerged arc weld spiral welded pipe, scaffolding and other products, reach a great world influence of Chinese brand.


2017 iron and steel industry is still in transition stage, the steel price is difficult to rise

China steel industry association recently reported, in 2017, China's steel demand is expected to remain stable, but the Shinestar of iron and steel institute considered think, due to the increasingly complex market environment at home and abroad, the steel industry is in a stage of transition to erase, not big changes in the overall market, steel prices to rise sharply. 
As Angle steel, galvanized Angle steel, channel steel, galvanized channel steel, metal steel board, open the tablet, and other products production services, Shinestar group have been very concerned about China's steel prices. In 2016, steel prices rose sharply, the iron and steel industry so reverse the depth of loss, profit. The first 11 months of the industry total profit of 33.15 billion yuan, and compared with the loss of 52.9 billion yuan.
Back in 2016, the Shinestar of iron and steel institute considered think, push factors of rising steel prices, the first is to continuous supply power limiting capacity policy; Second, real estate, automotive industry needs the strong recovery from improved more than expected; Three is a loose money provide ample liquidity to markets; Four is the coal 276 working days policy and the high grade iron ore resources nervous cause to rising raw material prices increase the cost driver. In 2017, the production capacity to the above factors, in addition to policy continues to strengthen, the other three factors will be significantly weaker. And iron and steel production capacity to strength will be bigger, at the same time, with the real estate enter the downward cycle, real estate development, automobile electrical appliances commodities, such as consumer goods growth is expected to also will fall. Based on this, in 2017 the domestic hong kong-listed is expected to double weak in supply and demand situation, the push of iron and steel production capacity to supply side and demand side real estate regulation and control of overweight, or will become the main affect domestic steel prices to logic.
Shinestar of iron and steel research institute said,in the face of the market in 2017, are full of confidence, also want to clearly recognize that although the steel industry has realized the profit, but it is only out of the trough, is not completely out of the woods, the industry is still in the small profit operation, still faces many difficulties and problems, not blindly.
In front of the 2017 has arrived, Shinestar group will keep optimistic attitude, we will continue to do yourself, constantly to develop more high quality of Angle steel, galvanized Angle steel, channel steel, galvanized channel steel, metal steel board, open the tablet, and Carbon steel pipe manufacturer, further to meet customer demand.


What is the cause of China's steel exports fell 20%?

Continuation of the end of 2016 China's steel exports decline momentum, China's steel exports in January 2017, continues to decline.Shinestar Steel Research Institute  believes that in recent years, the important factors influencing the Chinese steel exports mainly trade litigation.As a main force in the international steel market,  Shinestar Group production of galvanized pipe, piling pipe, SSAW steel pipe, seamless steel pipe, seamless stainless tube, welded pipe and other products are exported  to Europe, Australia, Africa, North America and other more than and 100 countries and regions, so Shinestar Group has been paying close attention to China's steel  exports.
According to statistics, 2016 1-12 months.China's steel exports suffered from 20 countries and regions of 48 trade remedy investigation,the anti-dumping case 32 cases,  anti-subsidy case 9 cases, safeguards case 7 cases;Compared with 2015, the national increase in the number 6;Caseload rose by 29.7%.
When the start of 2017, a new round of trade disputes are approaching Chinese steel exporters.In addition,  the U.S. Department of Commerce announced on Thursday   finally decided that Chinese imports of stainless steel plate and stainless steel belt get subsidies, and being dumped at below reasonable prices in the us market.Which  are a step closer to impose tariffs on these products.Obviously, there is a widespread of foreign steel products to China anti-dumping and countervailing investigation  and punitive tariff restricts the space of China's steel exports.
However, Shinestar Steel Research Institute believes that the January 2017 decline in steel exports also have a large part of the reason is because the domestic steel  consumption is better than expected, so the foreign trade price upside down caused by steel.At present, the domestic spot sales profit is high, during the Spring  Festival, billet prices locking in 2810 yuan/ton.Look from the current cost line, steel billet manufacturers remained certain profit space, most of the big difference of billet  and the finished product, the overall profit is considerable.In contrast, the international market price is competitive.
Then another major factor in the decline in export volume from the previous year optimistic about the market outlook, which led to an increase in social stocks.According  to the latest research data, the beginning of the new year chicken, the country's five major varieties of steel mills and social inventory reached a total value of 21 million  105 thousand tons, an increase of 23.9%, compared with the previous growth of 30.7%.Therefore, the holiday effect in the same steel exports decline in January plays  an important role.Before and after the Spring Festival, the exporter to price prospects feel uncertain, orders will drop, buyer also want to such as prices, so the wait- and-see mood is strong in the market.
As a service based on Chinese, global steel production enterprises, shinestar group will seize opportunities, meet challenges, and strive to produce more high-quality  galvanized pipe, piling pipe, SSAW steel pipe, seamless steel pipe, seamless stainless tube, welded pipe and API line pipe manufacturer, discrimination against the behavior of the China steel products say "no".