The Growth of World Economic Needs China 's Kinetic Energy

The overall global economy running smoothly at present, but the international financial crisis is far from end, the banking situation has not been well in nature. Hunan Shinestar Steel Research Institute said that as the world's big import and export country, China is an important driving force of world economic growth, world economic growth needs China's kinetic energy.

In the major economies, the banking crisis has not yet ended, the debt problem has not yet been resolved. Frankly speaking, the banking crisis is not a short-time and easy problem. Since 2008, a large number of debt problems became intensify, and the process to slove is extremely slow. People need more time to "digest" the debt problem, which is an important factor to affected the global economic.

In this context, the growth rate of Chinese economy remained at 6%, much higher than the global average of 2% to 3% in recent years. There is no doubt that China is a major contributor to the global economy. For a long time, people used to think the United States, Europe and other economies to replace the development of the global economy, and now the pattern has been broken, China is changing the world. With this situation, Communication is the most effective way to eliminate tension and fear. With the continuous enhancement of its comprehensive national strength, China is gradually approaching the center of the world economic, which creat opportunity for the East-West exchange. Chinese President Xi Jinping presebt at The Davos Forum is a good example. We take this opportunity to strengthen mutual understanding and find ways to work better.

In recent years, China's economic growth has shifted from high-speed growth to medium high-speed growth, and China's active structural reform is more conducive to the long-term and stable development of China's economy, which shows that China's economy is maturing. It is foreseeable that China's mature economy will play a greater role in promoting global economic growth. Shinestar Group as a supplier of angle steel, galvanized angle, channel, hot galvanized channel steel, galvanized I-beam, stainless steel I-beam etc. always concerned about China's economic and global economic development, and strive to achieve theirselves transformation upgrade.

President Xi delivered a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in 2017, signaling to the world China's willingness to participate in global economic governance. China's current economic position and strength, as well as China and the rest of the world's economic ties, determines China will play an important role in global economic governance. The global economy has long been inseparable from the depth of China's participation and cooperation, China has sufficient capacity and experience to promote global economic governance.

In the future, Shinestar Group will continue to upgrade its technical strength and strive to produce more quality angle steel, galvanized angle steel, channel steel, hot galvanized channel steel, galvanized steel pipe, stainless steel I-beam products to add new vitality for the Chinese Economic and the world Economic development.


Chinese economy with stand "look back"

People usually like to set a goal at start of the year,than look back to which goal was reached or which was not.In the past 2016,how about China’s expected goals?Can they stand the test of “look back”?Shinestar Steel Research Institute thinks the answer is yes according to the latest data.
In general,macroeconomic policy should focus on four goals at the same time:economic growth,full employment,price stability and international balance of payments.Accordingly,the government work report in 2016 said the main target in this year is:gross domestic product growth of 6.5% - 7%,consumer prices rose 3%,more than 10 million new jobs in cities and towns,basic balance of international payments.
According to economic growth, gross domestic product in 2016 GDP growth of 6.7% year-on-year, not only in line with expectations, and across the two mark: at one is success across 70 trillion yuan, 74.4 trillion yuan;The other one is after 2014 to us $2014, past the $11 trillion mark again this time.In addition, according to the international monetary fund estimates that India's economic growth rate in 2016 was 6.6%, lower than China.But a year ago, China's GDP growth by 6.9%, India is as high as 7.6%.This means that China's economic growth has been the first to return to the world's major economies.This "first", it is under the big idea of structure adjustment, quality priority, made the task well.
In employment ways,the new jobs in cities and towns of up to 12.49 million people in the first 11 months of 2016, the year 13 million new basic no suspense.The goal of building a town more than 10 million new jobs were not only finished ahead of schedule, and overfulfilled.In prices, consumer prices rose 2% in all the year round, full compliance with the start of "or 3% or so" target;As for the balance of payments, national safe has given the conclusion that overall improvement in cross-border capital flows, flow pressure eased, outside the main investment in China has been a net outflow from into a net.
In addition to the four major goals to finish well, the Chinese economy transcripts of many "bright eye".For example, the "three to one drop one fill results" preliminary revealed, accelerate industrial structure optimization of transformation, the new kinetic energy is more rapid growth, strategic emerging industrial added value growth of a large piece of higher than GDP growth.Shinestar group as submerged arc weld spiral welded pipe, seamless steel pipe, stainless steel tube, scaffolding, galvanized pipe and other products production services vendors, has always been positive response national policy, the future will also be going all out, to transformation and upgrading, promote the competitiveness of the enterprise.
Chinese meet difficult toil under pressure for a year, has brought the Chinese economy withstand "look back" report card.Step by step, has not come easily.Thankfully, this accomplishment this transcript is worth us to have a good collection.Shinestar group will continue to produce more and better the submerged arc weld spiral welded pipe, seamless steel pipe, ERW Steel Pipe, scaffolding, galvanized pipe and other products, for China's economic take-off added "new wing".


China's Manufacturing Industry Cannot Be Easily Speaking Out of“Turn off”

Real economy problem widely concerned recently, "heavy light virtual reality", "take off the real to virtual" tendency, even some people said that our country has completed industrialization, manufacturing should quit the historical stage. As a SSAW, 3 PE anticorrosive coating steel pipe, large diameter DSAW stee pipe and other products production services, Shinestar group have been much concerned about the development of the real economy. Shinestar steel research institute believes that manufacturing never speaking out of “turn off".

Starting in the 1980 s, the United States, Britain, France and other countries dominated "de-industrialisation" was once very modern, even become a prominent phenomenon of globalization. As a result, it is caused of the international financial crisis of 2008. Facing financial disaster from these mistakes and almost all developed countries recognize that manufacturing is the founding this, can not be replaced, can't quit, must restore manufacturing, will be "de-industrialisation" reverse "industrialization". Manufacturing in the developed world can't, can't go back, in our country,  can't refund,  can't go!

Our country as a developing country, industrialization process is still very long, industrialized task is still arduous, manufacturing not speaking out of “turn off". For now, the real economy encountered some difficulties, and economic new characteristics under the new normal inner link, must take the initiative to adapt to the new normal; And "real to virtual" off "display" and "light weight virtual to real" also have a contact, must be corrected in a timely manner. At the same time, also has a lot to do with industrial transformation and upgrading.

Development of industrial manufacturing as the core of the real economy, is by no means to get low-end manufacturing industry, but to drive by eliminating backward production capacity and innovation, realize the traditional enterprises and upgrade traditional industries; By supply side structural reform, promote upgrading of the industrial structure; Through the development of strategic emerging industry development is more adapt to the market demand of new technologies, new forms and new patterns, etc., to promote "made in China" to a "high-end manufacturing in China"

The main manufacturing is the revitalization of the real economy. In 2017, the central economic work deployment, has clearly put forward the revitalization of a major task of the real economy. How to eliminate misunderstanding, correct "light weight virtual to real" "take off the real to virtual" tendency, and so on, are we are faced with the important task.

Shinestar group will also conform to the trend, eliminate backward production capacity, promote upgrading of the industrial structure, strive to produce high quality SSAW, 3 PE anticorrosive coating steel pipe, large diameter DSAW stee pipe and galvanized steel pipe, so as to improve enterprise competitiveness, the revitalization of the real economy, strive to hand over a satisfactory answer.


Low Carbon Steel Pipe Manufacturer Aging Tendency

Low Carbon Steel Pipe Manufacturer Aging Tendency
Low carbon steel pipe has a large aging tendency, which means low carbon steel pipe has both quenching aging tendency and deformation aging tendencies. When the steel from the rapid cooling of high temperature, ferrite scraping carbon, nitrogen supersaturation, the formation of iron carbon nitrogen started slowly at room temperature. Which leads to the increase of strength and hardness, and the decrease of plasticity and toughness. This penomenon known as quenching aging. Low carbon steel pipe will produce aging even if not quenched and air cooled.
Carbon steel pipe and nitrogen atoms interact with dislocations, and carbon and nitrogen atoms gather around the dislocation lines. This combination of carbon and nitrogen atoms and dislocation lines is called the Koch's air mass. It will increase the strength and hardness of steel and plasticity and toughness reduced, a phenomenon known as deformation aging.
Compared with quenching, deformation of low carbon steel pipe has a greater harm on plasticity and toughness. From the upper yield point occurs until the extension of the end of the yield, the surface of the sample due to uneven deformation of the surface formed by the surface wrinkles, known as the Ryders zone. Many stamping parts are often scrapped.
There are two ways to prevent it. A high pre-deformation method, pre-deformation of the steel placed for a period of time after the stamping will produce Rüders belt, so the pre-deformation of the steel before the stamping time should not be placed too long. The other is the addition of aluminum or titanium steel to form a stable compound with nitrogen, to prevent the formation of Kel's air-induced deformation of the aging.


The Application of Low Carbon Steel Manufacturer

The Application of Low Carbon Steel Manufacturer
Low carbon steel is generally rolled into angle steel, channel steel, I-beam, steel pipe, steel strip or steel plate. It is widely used in the production of various building components, containers, cabines, furnace and agricultureal machinery. High quality low carbon steel rolled into thin plate for making car cab, hood and other deep wahsed products. Also it can be rolled into bars for the production of mechanical parts of less dmanding. Low carbon steel is generally not heat treated before use, when the carbon content is achieve 0.15% or more by carburizing or cyanindation, it can be used for shaft, bushings, sprockets and other parts require high surface temperature and ware resistant.
Low carbon steel is limited in its use due to its low strength. Increase the manganese content appropriately, and adding trace amount of vanadium, titanium, niobium and other alloying elements, can greately enhance the strength of stee. If you reduce the carbon content of stee and add a small amount of aluminum, a small amount of boron and carbide-forming element, you can get ultra-low-carbon bainite group enough strength, and maintain good plasticity and toughness.