Chinese Large Diameter Steel Pipe has Damaged the Canadian Domestic Industry

On Octber 20, 2016, the Canadian International Trade Court (CITT) has made the final decision on Chinese large diameter carbon steel pipe and alloy steel pipe. They announced that the Chinese large diameter steel pipe has damaged the Canadian domestic industry. According to the provisions of the Canadain side from October 20 on the above mentioned products, anti-dupmingduties and countervailing duties.


Two US oil companies will operate more than 3100 miles of oil line pipe

The US oil line pipe company American Midstream Partners LP said hat the company will acquire peer JPEnergy Partners LP. The transaction will be the whole stock exchange in the form of completion, and will create a valuation of $ 2 billion focus on oil and gas line pipe transportation and other areas of limited partnership. The deal valued JPEnergy's common stock at $ 8.63 per share, a premium of 14.5% to its closing price on Friday. The combined corporate headquarters will be located in Houston, the business will be mainly concentrated in the oil-rich region of North America.

Private equity firm ArcLight Capital Partners holds a stake in the companies in the above transactions. According to Thomson Reuters Group, lArcight holds a 15.6% stake in AmericanMidstream, which holds a 19.8% stake in JPEnergy. Lynn Bourdon, chief executive of AmericanMidstream, will lead the combined company. The combined company will own and operate more than 3,100 miles of oil line pipes.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch in the transaction as AmericanMidstream financial adviser, LockeLordLLP as its legal adviser. BMOCapitalMarkets acted as financial advisor to JPEnergy and Latham & Watkins acted as legal counsel.


The Classification of Carbon Steel Pipe

The Classification of Carbon Steel Pipe

Classified by Production Methods
1. Seamless Steel Pipe - hot rolled seamless steel pipe, cold rolled seamless steel pipe, cold drawn seamless steel pipe
2. Welded Steel Pipe - longitudinal welded pipe, spiral welded pipe, electric resistance welded pipe

Classified by Cross-sectional Shape
1. Simple section steel pipe - round carbon steel pipe, square carbon steel pipe, rectangular carbon steel pipe, oval carbon steel pipe ect.
2. Complex section steel pipe - hexagonal carbon steel pipe with unequal edge, five plum shaped carbon steel pipe, double convex carbon stee pipe, double concave carbon steel pipe ect.

Classified by Wall Thickness
1. Thin walled carbon steel pipe
2. Thick walled carbon steel pipe

Classified by the Application
Carbon steel pipe can be used for thermal equipment, machinery industrial pipe, oil line pipe, geological drilling steel pipe, container steel pipe, chemical industry steel pipe, and other special purpose steel pipe.