Transportation for Coated Pipe

Anticorrosion pipe lifting loading and unloading require specialized personnel command, both ends of the tube must be set to shake the rope to ensure the correctness of the unload position preservative tube. Corrosion pipe lifting or unloading pipe, you need to be handled with care to avoid a collision with each other preservative tube or pipe and other objects. Cause corrosion damage to the tube. After unloading the hook, rope speed to control the football, to prevent damage to the coating hook.

Transport pipe corrosion: corrosion pipe transport needs dedicated hosting car on consignment, the length of the tube is not more than two meters range, anti-corrosion pipe handling vehicle height and number of layers must be in accordance with the requirements of construction norms. Steel transport vehicle requirements, each vehicle must be shipped with a sub-standard pipe, when the tubes shipped to the designated place, unloading pipe require specialized transportation management personnel and take over the staff together for inspections after the registration form needs to be recorded.

Coating transport tube vehicles must be driving the speed limit, avoid sudden braking situations encountered, resulting in the displacement of the tube appeared, broken ring tube coating. Hosted car bottom loading with a thickness of not less than 15 mm rubber sheet or other soft electronics, rubber pad width of not less than 100 mm.

Corrosion pipe loading must be met:
1) loading height of not more than two layers.
2) beyond the car after corrosion pipe length does not exceed 4m.
3) anti-corrosion pipe when using rope bundle sheath, the sheath pipe corrosion in contact with the rope at the padded rubber skin.
4) When the corrosion pipe piling, pipe pile supporting the use of bags loaded soil may not be placed directly on the soil pipe.
5) anti-corrosion pipe stacking height of not more than three layers stack pipe support to the tube in the center stack prevail, symmetrically arranged, the distance from the ends of the pipe end support for 1.2-1.8m, pipe pile supporting two pipe both sides of the crib wedge should be set to prevent the roller tube.
6) When the pipe corrosion focus stacking, vertical signs, set up special care.