Low Carbon Steel Pipe Manufacturer

Low carbon steel pipe manufacturer is one type of carbon steel pipe with the carbon content less than 0.25%. It is also known as mild steel pipe due to its low strength and low hardness. Low carbon steel pipe includes most of the ordinary carbon structural steel pipe and part of the high quality cabron structural steel pipe. Most of low carbon steel pipe without heat treatment is applied for structural engineering, and some of low carbon steel pipe with heat treatment and carburizing is applied for wear-resistant mechnical parts.

Since low carbon steel pipe has a very low carbon content and poor machinability, normalizing treatment can improves its machinability. 
The annealing organizations for low carbon steel pipe is the ferrite and a small amount of pearlite which creates low strength, low hardness, good plasticity and toughness. Therefore, low carbon steel pipe has good cold formability, it can be cold formed by curling, bending, stamping and other methods. Besides, it also has good weldability. The carbon content is from 0.10% to .030% which is easy to accept a variety of processing such as forging, welding and cutting. Commonly it is used in the manufacturer of chains, rivets, bolts, shaft and so on.


How to Choose the SSAW Carbon Steel Pipe Manufacturer

How to Choose the SSAW Carbon Steel Pipe Manufacturer

Usage of SSAW carbon steel pipe is relatively high, the application is very wide, it should be how to choose before in the selection to pay attention to quality.

The first method is a more professional detection method, that is, by the strength of the pressure vessel to be detected. Commonly, we use atmospheric pressure and water pressure to detect, in this way can detect the working conditions of the SSAW carbon steel pipe in the pressure working environment, but also to detect the tightness of the spiral steel pipe, generally take the atmospheric pressure detection, because such security Relatively high, and if the water vapor pressure through the test, then the need to remove the spiral pipe after the water, too much trouble.

The second method is also relatively simple, that is, through the surface of observation. With the naked eye found in the spiral steel pipe in the welding and size of the problem, if necessary, you can also use the standard sample and the products to be compared to find the problem. In general, formal steel pipe company in the production is relatively perfect, on the other hand to beat the metal pipe, if the sound is very crisp and the echo is not very dirty, then the name is the latest selection of steel pipe, rather than scrap steel recycling.

These two methods are commonly used, we can choose a way to test, more secure way is the best to the regular manufacturers, can reduce the use of the process of abuse.


Classifications of Welded Steel Pipe

Classifications of Welded Steel Pipe
Welded steel pipe is shaped up by crimping steel plate or steel belt and then it was made after welding. Welded steel pipe can be classified into longitudinally-welded pipe and spiral welded steel pipe according to the ways of welding. The common forming technique of longitudinally-welded pipe is UOE forming process and JCOE steel pipe forming process. According to the application, welded steel pipe is classified into general welded pipe, galvanized welded pipe, oxygen blast welded pipe, electric wire conduit, metric welded pipe, roller tube, deep well pump pipe, automobile tube, transformer tube, electric welding thin walled pipe, electric soldering special pipe and spiral welded pipe.

General welded steel pipe fabricated by Steel Q195A, Q215A, and Q235A is used for conveying low-pressure fluid. It also can be manufactured by other mild rolled steel for easier welding. Steel pipe should be conducted some experiments such as hydraulic pressure, bending, battering and so on and so forth. Production manufacturers can do a more advanced detection for steel pipe in terms of their own conditions. Welded steel pipe usually has certain requirements for surface quality. The delivery length is usually four to ten meters. Moreover, manufacturers can deliver the goods by sizing or ruler-multiplying according to actual production requirements. The specification of welded pipe in nominal diameter express nominal diameter is different from the actual nominal diameter. According to the regulations of the length of wall thickness, welded pipe has two kinds: thin-wall steel tube and thick-wall steel tube. Steel pipe also has two kinds: thread steel pipe and steel pipe without thread according to pipe ends.

For the price of welded steel pipe is lower than that of south seamless pipe which has the same specifications, welded steel pipe is widely used in low-pressure fluid transmission engineering, steel structure engineering, etc.


Shinestar Group Passionately Presenting a Gift for 2017

Shinestar Group Passionately Presenting a Gift for 2017

New year, new begin, new dream. Before the Chinese New Year comes, Shinestar Group to have care, support the construction and development of the group of all customers, partners, employees, and friends from all walks of life, with the most cordial greetings and best wishes!

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During the event, the customer will enjoy cash on delivery and full one-stop service by Shinestar team.

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