The millionaires Building Plan-Shinestar Holdings Group Elite Recruiting Season in 2016

Would you like to have the most promising platform for career development?
Would you like to get the working enviroment like that respect individuality, loose and comfortable? Would you like to own the forefront of the field of vision in the steel industry at home and abroad? Would you like to be a marketing elite in three years and become a millionaire in five years?

All of these are not a dream. Shinestar will give everything you want.
Millionaires building plan -- Shinestar Group 2016 recruitment is fervent in undertaking. Allying with successful person, Companing with finest person
Shinestar warmly welcome you Let's talk, let's change!

Talking about the reality:
You can get what you can think of, unexpectedly will be more!

Provide room and board (lunch and dinner), five insurance payments, charges for travel and phone, marriage/birthday/ children money award, traditional festivals benefits, car allowance, a
variety of personalized service incentive mechanism ......

Talking about the environment:
What more important than salary is - suitable!
A group of young people who are full of passion and positive energy of the team, as you partner;
Good working environment, full of humanity, willing to share,relaxed team atmosphere, waiting for you to join!

2016 Best HRM Business Model, Shinestar deserved!

About Dreams:
Being talents in 3 years,Millionaires in 5 years!
Big margin of improvement and promotion mechanism are prepared for you.
Perfect training and career planning to help you succeed!
Fly your dreams,exercise your talents,We will give you a wonderful life!

Recruiting Position:
Foreign trade sales:15
foreign trade accounting:1
Vouching Clerk:2
Sales Representative:10
Warehouse Supervisor: 2

Recruitment time:
February 2016 - March 2016
Recruitment Location:
22 floor of Royal Wing Building in Longchamp International Mansion and Wuhan Branch

Recruitment channels:
We will provide you 3 ways to help realize your dreams:
Talent website: Pls log on recruitment websites ,such as ZHILIAN Zhaopin, QIANCHENG WUYOU, ZHONGGUO RENCAI REXIAN,ZHONGHUA YINGCAI,HUNANRENCAI to search Shinestar,
understand jobs information, apply for jobs of interest!
Resume delivery: send your resume to 2853239599@qq.com, waiting for an interview;
Phone reservations: Call Shinestar Recruitment Hotline 0731-84459688 or 88,678,566 for an appointment.

Group profile:
Shinestar Holdings Limited group, is the world's overall steel procurement service provider for all domestic and international steel buyers, providing production, purchasing, marketing,
processing, logistics, information in one of the overall service.

We Shinestar Holdings Group, founded in 1993, have RMB 280 million registered capital, and is the top 500 of private enterprise, top 50 of steel sales in China; Also stand top 100 of Hunan
private enterprise, ranked 3rd place among China's steel exporters, No.1 in steel sale in Hunan. Our group own 16 subsidiaries, including 11 domestic trading subsidiary companies, research
and development subsidiary company and 5 international trading subsidiary companies. Shinestar have over 600 employee in all. In the past 2015, we have reached 1.2 million tons on steel
quantity,and sales income exceeding 4 billion.

SHINESTAR will insist on our international developing strategy and expanding our international market step by step, area by area. Our company mission is to promote internal staff achievements and support external customers’ success. Taking advantage of our excellent staff competition, professional operation management, reliable product quality, efficient cost control management and integrated procurement services to solve clients problems and create value, to create “a big platform”to our staff, to promote our business growth,and ultimately to create“ a leading
steel procurement service provider”

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