Production Equipments of Precision Welded Pipe

In the process of three typical production methods, the main pipe equipment, pipe forming unit cold drawing machine, cold rolling unit and cold reducing unit, has a decisive role in the formation of precision welded pipe. But the equipment types of precision pipe pipe is much, the range of that is big, and technical performance requirements are different. If we want to meet the quality requirements of precision welded pipe, we must be suitable configuration.

1. On the manufacturing stage of precision welded pipe:

Strip preparation - Desktop rack or chain conveyor
Uncoiler - Cantilever or Double Cone Uncoiler
Straightening of steel - Roller leveling machine
Shear - oblique cutting shears
Butt welding machine
Live sets of materials - live sets (box, cage, spiral, tunnel, etc.)
Milling edge planing edge - milling edge planing machine
Forming - continuous forming machine (roll, row roll, FF forming, etc.)
Welding - high frequency induction or contact heating welding equipment
Clear burrs - inside and outside deburring devices (both inside and outside)
Weld heat treatment - IF linear induction heating device (or steel pipe heat treatment)
Cooling - air cooling and cooling water jacket
Sizing - continuous sizing machine (roll)
Nondestructive testing - Ultrasonic or eddy current flaw detection
Flying shear - flying shear (stamping, rolling, sawing, milling, etc.)
Straightening - Roller Straightening Machine (5 ~ 7 Roll)
Cut off the flat head - cutting machine and the head machine and step into the bench
Eddy current testing - eddy current flaw detector (instead of hydraulic pressure test)
Water pressure test - hydraulic pressure test machine (single or multi-type)

2. On the cold drawn and cold rolling stage of precision welded pipe:

Rolling head - rolling head or hammer machine
Intermediate heat treatment - continuous roll annealing furnace
Pickling, cleaning - pickling, washing tanks and flushing facilities
Phosphating, saponification - phosphating, saponification tank
Cold drawing - cold drawing unit
Lubrication - Lubricating pond
Cold Rolling - Roller Cold Rolling Mill
Heat treatment of the finished product - Protection atmosphere Heat treatment furnace (chamber or roll)

3. Cold reduction stage of precision welded pipe:

Cold reduction - cold reduction unit (two or three roller type cold reduction unit frame according to the total amount of deformation configuration)

As the precision welded pipe varieties, specifications, technical requirements are different, the production process and processes are not the same, some processes take a long time, some processes less time, so the production process prone to uneven, and the need for a buffer link, In order to make the smooth progress of production, to minimize the weak links, about 90% of the precision welded pipe products have to go through the middle of the warehouse to balance production capacity.