Prime set up tianjin branch, promote the development of international trade

On November 18, located in tianjin binhai zone at nankai huayuan industrial district science and technology building of hunan prime steel pipe LTD co.,tianjin branch officially opened. The new company will be relying on tianjin traffic advantages, as well as Shinestar production resources of tianjin production base, to further promote the development of Shinestar of iron steel group international trade, for the global customers with high quality steel products and services.
Shinestar CEO Wang Li and Hunan prime steel pipe co., LTD., general manager of publicity and tianjin branch, head of the relevant departments attended the ceremony and cut the ribbon for the new company.
It is understood that last year put into production of tianjin production base, is based on tianjin Shinestar of iron steel group, radiation global manufacturing platform, has been committed to the construction of high yield, good performance, the domestic first-class, international leading steel production base, and gradually grasp own advanced production technology, constantly meet the greater needs of customers and improve comprehensive competitiveness of the market. Powerful production base in tianjin will no doubt provide solid at tianjin prime branch security capacity, make the prime no trouble back at home, at pushing into the international market.
Shinestar of iron  steel group are in the globalization development strategy phase, group subsidiary is oriented to the international market comprehensively, hunan prime steel pipe co., LTD., tianjin branch, is timely. At tianjin branch will focus on the layout in the Middle East, southeast Asia, Africa and parts of Europe and the United States and other international markets, provide dominated by straight seam welded pipe, synchronous provide seamless tube, spiral pipe and adapter tube of high quality products and perfect service.
Prime manager zhang said, at tianjin branch will continue adhering to the "good faith in mind, depends on the sincerity to win customers" work principle, to provide one-stop shopping service, professional team to meet customer the regulatory requirements of the project. Will also arrange all kinds of professionals in different links of supervision and monitoring, to ensure the high quality products to be produced.
As a world-class straight seam welded pipe production services suppliers, prime at committed to to the oil, gas, construction, energy and chemical industry, providing the quality are in conformity with price of steel pipe products, and always believe that effective communication, professional industry knowledge, rapid execution, lead the prime at with customers to establish long-term relations of cooperation.
Prime at belonging to Shinestar of iron steel group. As a base, service global production of large steel enterprises in China, Shinestar of domestic and international trade in 2016 double wave red, topped the top 100 enterprises of hunan. Its high quality steel products won a good market both at home and abroad. The future, Shinestar will toward building the "aircraft carrier" domestic steel procurement service as a whole and benchmarking enterprise's target for one hundred, and continuously.

Defects Of Welded Steel Pipe

Defects Of Welded Steel Pipe

Welded steel pipe production process is a steel sheet,strip,and other various molding methods using the straight press roll helical direction curling into a desired cross-sectional shape,and then by means of heart,prssure,different methods of welding weld weld together to obtain steel.Therefore,defects in the welded steel pipe is divided into two parts:the steel base material defects and weld defects.

1.Steel base material defect
The sheet material defects after rolling and other processes,most of planar,parallel to the surface;their main weakness delamination,cracks,folds,etc.,which is the most common layered internal defects.Stratification will produce a variety of cracks when the tensile stress perpendicular to the surface of the sheet by the hierarchical will seriously affect the strength of the steel pipe,it is not allowed defects.

2.Weld defects
Weld defects refers to defect during welding or after welding resulting in the weld is divided into cracks,proes,slag,incomplete penetration,incomplete fusion,undercut weld defects.Intensive weld porosity,slag,etc.a dense three-dimensional defects,cracks,lack of fusion and other  defects in the case of the flat,great harm.Strip slag.


Corrosion Problems of ERW Steel Pipe

ERW steel pipe outer coating of the basic functions,there are two aspects:
First,make the ERW steel pipe surface from electrochemical corrosion,bacterial corrosion protection of soil basic physical media.
Second,resist the soil medium move creep stress,basic mechanical protection method static sterss and abrasion strength and structure and so on.

The basic principles of the outer coating selected city gas pipeline:
a,good insulation properties and mechaniacal properties;
b,good resistance to cathodic disbanding performance;
c,good resistance to water,gas permeability;
d,good chemical resistance properties of soaking and aging;
e,low tempercature and high temperature performance;
f,easy mending and mending;
g,the price is reasonable.


Iron and steel industry prices fell, the reason why?

As we all know, often drop large iron and steel industry, the price is extremely unstable, so what is the cause of this phenomenon?Shinestar Steel Research Institute found through research, technology and the characteristics of the iron and steel industry, the cost structure resulted in the imbalance between supply and demand environment quantity adjustment special difficulties.

Specifically, the characteristics of modern steel production technology determines that the industry has a strong scale effect.This means that the iron and steel enterprises need to spend a huge amount of money to buy equipment and equipment to build production systems, resulting in a higher proportion of fixed capital amortization of depreciation in the total cost.Shinestar Steel Group attaches great importance to R & D investment, its R & D production of carbon steel pipe, welded steel pipe, line pipe, galvanized pipe and other excellent products, the market was highly recognized.

Under normal market conditions, the characteristics of the industry makes the steel enterprises with the average cost per unit of output with the output scale and reduce the advantages, is conducive to enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises by expanding the scale, so the rapid growth in market demand under the environment of enterprises with strong expansion impulse.However, the demand for reverse change and under the conditions of excess capacity, the objective needs of sales compensation huge cost sharing, will lead to reduced production enterprises facing special difficulties,makes an ordinary enterprise may have to accept the price is far below the average cost, the formation of the iron and steel industry seems to be more willing to price competition and regardless of the loss of the phenomenon.

At present, the entire industry is under the background of the capacity to understand the difficulties behind the steel enterprises are more conducive to the promotion of structural adjustment.Huge amortization cost constraints, in addition to the mentioned steel blast furnace if stewing furnace boiler stop need extra pay huge cost, which further increased the steel mills production scale down the economic difficulties.In addition, the government protection measures from the Angle of system distortion may prevent enterprises from the number and scale down.

Requires industry to face the question is: in 2009, 460 million tons of crude steel production in China, in 2015 the actual production capacity of more than 1.25 billion tons of crude steel in our country, production of 804 million tons.By profit nature of the enterprise, industry concentration degree increase, corporate profitability increased, the influx of capital, capacity expansion again, a single merger can not limit production capacity expansion.

Product navigation, production escort,Shinestar Steel Group has been very focused on product development and production, which owns the layout of Changsha, Xiangyin, Nanchang, Tianjin four production bases,combined shinestar steel R & D and production of the powerful platform, R & D and production of carbon steel pipe, welded steel pipe, line pipe, galvanized pipe and other excellent products, praised by customers.The future, Shinestar will continue to increase investment, the introduction of advanced technology and equipment, the more the production of more and better quality products, in order to adapt to the development of the globalization strategy.