Application of Carbon, Stainless and Galvanized Steel Pipe Fittings

Since ages, steel is considered best material for making pipe and pipe fittings. The properties in steel like - durability, high strength and high resistance to heat makes it ideal for pipe and pipe fittings. The most common variety of such steel pipe fittings used are – Galvanized steel pipe fitting, Carbon steel pipe fitting and Stainless steel pipe fitting.

Galvanized steel pipe fitting and its applications
Through a chemical process, a layer of zinc is coated over the steel. Such pipes are highly resistant to corrosion due to which they are ideal for making pipe and pipe fittings. The zinc layer increases the life of the pipe fittings. They are usually manufactured from seamless tubes or forgings under specific standard. They are available in sizes ranging from 8mm to 150mm and used for piping inside the building and water lines but not ideal for gas pipelines.

Pipe Fittings and There Application Carbon steel pipe fittings and its application
Carbon steel is iron based metal, and is durable and stronger than the other steel type which is why it is suitable for manufacturing pipe fittings. Carbon being the main element, it enhances the hardness and strength of the steel. It contains more of carbon with small quantity of manganese and other elements. Carbon steel pipe fittings are used in oil, water, gas and steam lines which are expose to high pressure. They are also considered ideal for different construction purposes.

Stainless steel pipe fittings and its application
Stainless steel resists oxidation and corrosion when expose to certain environments. These steel type contains 10% chromium and is a ferrous alloy. They are generally used for household pipelines. Pipe fittings like tees, elbows, unions etc are made of stainless steel.