Order---ERW steel pipe shipped to Singapore

Product: ERW Steel Pipes, Carbon SteelStandard: API 5L GR.B
Specification: Outside Diameter 1''~24'', Wall Thickness: SCH40
Quantity: 10,000 meters
Surface: Black painted
Ends: Bevelled, two plastic caps with two ends
Country of Origin: China
Production Time: 25~30 days
Delivery Time: 15~25 days
Destination: Singapore

Order---Seamless Steel Pipe shipped to Brazil

Product: Seamless Steel Pipe, Carbon Steel
Standard: ASTM A106 GR.B
Specification: 219.1mm*8.18mm*5800mm, 355.6mm*9.53mm*5800mm, 88.9mm*5.49mm*5800mm
Surface: Black Painted
Ends: Bevelled, with 2 plastic caps
Quantity: 156 Tons
Production Time: 20 days
Delivery Time: 30~35 days
Destination: Brazil

Mild Steel Pipe

Mild Steel Pipe refers to the steel pipe contains less than 0.25% of Carbon (one of the important chemical property in carbon steel materials). This characateristic for mild steel pipe also influenced the steel pipe's physical properties which appread as low strength and low hardness. It includes most part of ordinary carbon steel and high-quality carbon structural steel. Mostly used in engineering structures, some carburizing heat treatment and other mechanical parts required for wear.

Mild steel pipe annealing organization ferrite and pearlite is lower its strength and hardness, ductility and toughness. Therefore, the cold formability is good and can be crimping, bending, punching and other methods of cold forming. Like that mild steel pipe has good weldability. Carbon contents from 0.10% to 0.30% of mild steel is easy to appliy all kinds of processing such as forging, welding and cutting, commonly used in the manufacture of chains, rivets, bolts, shafts, etc. Mild steel pipe is generally applied for the production of building components, containers, tank, furnace and farm machinery.

Piling Pipe

Piling Pipe is widely used in coastal, river, lake area. In coastal area, there are large-scale construction for offshore deepwater terminal project which indecates large market needs for piling pipes. As the major deep water dorck pile bearing capacity, piling pipe is generally choose large diameter spiral welded steel pipes (SSAW Steel Pipes). In addition, piling pipes is widely used in bridges, roads, high-rise building ect.

Production of steel piling mainly use the double submerged arc technology. A first advantage of using the double submerged arc technique is completely automated; The second advantage is conducted under submerged arc welding, the heat exchange and protection of its relatively strong performance, high quality welding out; the third advantage is the automatic submerged arc welding arc welding flux can be used under high-current, high welding efficiency.

In order to ensure the quality and progress, to prevent damage to surrounding buildings, according to the intensity of the pre-piling pile, pile size, length and pile frame is easy to move and other factors to select the correct piling order. Common piling order generally following categories: conducted in one direction by the side from the middle to be symmetrical in both directions, from the middle to four weeks.

Annual Sales Promotion --- All Products Price-off 100 RMB/TON (USD 16 /TON)

Till the end of November, SHINESTAR had reached the 5 billions sales revenue goal. For this outstanding achievement, we would like to thank you our clients and business partners all over the world. To show our sincerity, SHINESTAR will start a Annual Sales Promotion during December. Offering competitive low price and best service is our ultimate goal as usual. During this event, every clients can enjoy an extra price-off 100 RMB/TON (USD 16/TON)

SHINESTAR HOLDINGS GROUP is defined as a global steel procurement services provider based in China. Founded in 1993, we kept offering steel pipes manufacturing, processing, marketing, distributing for purchasers all over the world. “ In the future, SHINESTAR will focus more on Research & Development Manufacturing, Technology Innovation, Operational Management to create values for our clients all over the world.

What is Welding Preheating Process

Welding preheating is the process before high frequency welding or submerged-arc welding process for producing welded steel pipes. When the environment temperature is too low, welding preheating process is quite necessary. Besides, this process is widely applied for the weldments has large thickness, high strength level, hardening tendency, and good thermal conductivity.

In general, the welding preheating is applicapable in the welded seam areas or the whole steel pipes. For example, during the ERW Steel Pipes manufacturing process, the welding preheating process will be only applied in the welded seam areas.

The purpose of the welding preheating process is to reduce the cooling speed of the welded joints and preheating temperature. Welding preheating can reduce the cooling speed, but it will not influence the high temperature maintaining time. Therefore, in order to decreases the hardening tendency, applying welding preheating process to reduce the cooling rate is significant.


Tianjin Shinestar Steel Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd started production in December 2015

Tianjin Shinestar Steel Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd as the largest factory has started production in December 2015.

The new factory is located in Tianjin Jinghai Economic Development Zone. This project started in September 2012 and finished in October 2014. After one year of preperation for production facilities, the factory was officially start production in December 2015. The total investment for this project is around 270 million RMB, and most of our investment is on R&D production equipment. The production lines including for scaffolding pipe, oil casing (ERW Steel Pipe) and SSAW steel pipes. The annual production quantity reaches 150,000 tons of scaffolding pipe, 100,000 tons of oil casing pipe, and 200,000 tons SSAW steel pipes. At present, we have set up 8 production line for Scaffolding Pipes, 2 production line for oil casing pipe, and 4 production line for SSAW Steel Pipe. In the next coming year, we will keep investing two more production line for ERW Steel Pipes. In the next five years, we will have our own Steel Industrial Zone.

" This factory is the first production factory that Shinestar Holdings Group owns the full responsibility. We are committed to building high yield, good performance, and world-class quality steel pipes. Meet customers' increased demand and enhance competitive advantages in the international market is our final goal." Said by Shinestar Holdings Group Vice President. Tianjin Shinestar Steel Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd is under the Shinestar Hodings Group and defined as the most important steel pipe production factory in the north of China. Our production will in accordance with the API and ASTM international standard, the products quality will highly meet our international clients' needs. Shinestar Holdings Group will continue to adhere to international development strategy, global distribution, outstanding talent competition, and effective cost control.