In Stock ERW Pipe Price Dec 29 - Jan 5, 2017

API 5L/A53 GR.B, ERW Steel Pipe
Outside DiameterWall ThicknessLengthQuantity 数量RemarkEXW CHINA 
外径 (mm)壁厚 (mm)长度 (mtr)PCS 根数TON 吨位Surface,EndUSD/TON
33.43.25 6113416.44 PE. BLACK$668.72
42.33.75 1239716.98 PE. BLACK$683.76
48.34.01 1250626.59 PE. BLACK$690.60
60.34.75 638515.03 BE. BLACK$682.39
735.25 1214615.37 BE. BLACK$686.50
76.15.15 628915.62 BE. BLACK$670.09
88.94.60 61186.77 BE. BLACK$661.88
1086.25 129517.88 BE. BLACK$676.92
114.36.38 623523.94 BE. BLACK$693.33
1528.85 635466.36 BE. BLACK$708.38
1597.756189 32.78 BE. BLACK$665.98
1656.856159 25.49 BE. BLACK$683.76
168.310.3 1298 46.98 BE. BLACK$717.95
177.89.3 1256 25.92 BE. BLACK$687.86
193.711.26678 23.71 BE. BLACK$711.11
33.43.00650 0.75 PE,BARE$638.63
48.33.68660 1.46 PE,BARE$646.84
60.33.91686 2.72 PE,BARE$637.26
735.166110 5.70 PE,BARE$657.78
88.93.056300 11.62 PE,BLACK$638.63
88.95.4961349.08 PE,BARE$663.25
114.36.026403.86 PE,BARE$648.21
114.38.56610013.39 PE,BARE$723.42
168.37.116508.48 PE,BARE$649.57
168.310.976348.68 PE,BARE$693.33
193.76.8 68315.56 PE,BARE$644.10
219.18.0 69022.49 PE,BARE$649.57
273.19.3 616760.43 PE,BARE$624.96
323.96.35613439.98 PE,BARE$663.25
355.67.9269036.67 PE,BARE$676.92
1. The above price is based on BARE PIPE, for extra coating, please contact sales@primesteeltube.com; 
          2. The above price is based on EXW, for FOB/CIF/CFR price, please contact sales@primesteeltube.com;
          3. The above price is NOT including any packing and end processing charge;
          4. The above price is only valide during Dec 29 - Jan 5 
          5. The applicapable MOQ for this price list is over 25 tons;

A213 T22 Alloy Steel Pipe Cutting Method

A213 T22 alloy steel pipe cutting the main way to cut off the machine, machine cutting, flame cutting, sawing and so on. The characteristics of the pipe cutting equipment are described below.

(1) Pipe cutting machine
Pipe cutting machine equipment is simple, less investment, the application of a wide range, and some also has a groove function and automatic loading and unloading materials and aggregate devices. Pipe cutting machine is a seamless alloy steel pipe finishing line commonly used equipment.

(2) Pipe saws
Pipe saw can be divided into pipe saws, band saws and circular saws and several other forms. Pipeline saws can be cut into multiple rows of steel pipe, high production efficiency, but the equipment structure is complex, high investment; band saw and circular saw production efficiency is low, less investment. The circular saw is suitable for cutting off the smaller diameter A213 T22 alloy steel pipe, while the band saw is used to cut off the larger diameter A213 T22 alloy steel pipe.
(3) Flame cutting
Flame cutting, including oxygen cutting, hydrogen and oxygen cutting and plasma cutting, the cutting method is more suitable for large diameter, thick wall seamless steel pipe cutting. When the plasma is cut, the cutting speed is faster. Due to the high temperature of the flame cutting, there is a heat affected zone near the incision and the port surface is not smooth.
(4) Machine cutting
The efficiency to cut with machine cutting is very low, generally used for sampling and sample preparation.

At Prime steel pipe, we have a team of experienced professionals with years of experience in manufacturing. We sell a variety of types and styles of pipe that can be used as steel casing including carbon seamless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, alloy steel pipe ERW steel pipe, LSAW steel pipe, SSAW steel pipe, OCTG ect. These steel casings are available in a variety of styles, sizes, diameters, and grades. 


Canada Begins Sunset Review of Standard Steel Pipe Duties

The Canada Border Services Agency has initiated an investigation to determine whether the expiration of duties on imports of standard pipe from six countries would result in the continuation or resumption of dumping and/or subsidization. The CBSA said it will make a determination no later than May 7, 2018, and will issue a statement of reasons by May 22, 2018.

Subject to the five-year "sunset" reviews are antidumping duty orders on imports from Taiwan, India, Oman, South Korea, Thailand and the UAE. Additionally, the CBSA will investigate the sunsetting of countervailing duties established to offset subsidies provided to Indian producers.

In 2012, the initial CBSA investigation on standard pipe imports determined the AD margin for all exporters without company-specific rates at 54.2%. It determined AD margins for specific exporters from Taiwan at 0-4.7%; India, 11.6%; Thailand, 3.8-5.4%; and the UAE, 0-8.4%.

For India, the amount of subsidy determined five years ago was Rupee 3,577/mt (US$65.85/mt at that time) for Manu International and at Rupee 23,872/mt (US$439.48/mt) for all other Indian exporters.

The subject goods are defined as carbon steel welded pipe, commonly identified as standard pipe, in the nominal size range from ½ inch up to and including 6 inches (12.7 mm to 168.3 mm in outside diameter) inclusive, in various forms and finishes, usually supplied to meet ASTM A53, ASTM A135, ASTM A252, ASTM A589, ASTM A795, ASTM F1083 or Commercial Quality, or AWWA C200-97 or equivalent specifications, including water well casing, piling pipe, sprinkler pipe and fencing pipe, but excluding oil and gas line pipe made to API specifications exclusively, originating in or exported from Chinese Taipei, India, Oman, Korea, Thailand, and the UAE.

The subject goods are normally imported into Canada under the following Harmonized System (HS) tariff classification numbers:
From January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2016

As of January 1, 2017

Order--SMLS Stainless Steel Tube to Chittagong

Standard: ASME SA213 TP304
Specification: 19X2.30X6000
Surface: BARE
Ends: BE
Quantity: 14TONS
Production Time: 30DAYS
Destination: Chittagong
Sales Expert: Landry Liu

In Stock ERW Pipe Price Dec 21 - Dec 28, 2017

API 5L/A53 GR.B, ERW Steel Pipe
Outside DiameterWall ThicknessLengthQuantity 数量RemarkEXW CHINA 
外径 (mm)壁厚 (mm)长度 (mtr)PCS 根数TON 吨位Surface,EndUSD/TON
141.32.00 62339.60 PE.BARE$632.22
141.32.20 61888.51 PE.BARE$625.46
141.32.30 626212.39 PE.BARE$617.36
141.32.40 61939.52 PE.BARE$609.25
141.32.50 620210.37 PE.BARE$603.85
141.32.75 618810.60 PE.BARE$597.10
141.33.00 61368.35 PE.BARE$590.34
168.32.75 63200215.55 PE.BARE$617.36
168.33.00 651037.42 PE.BARE$601.15
168.33.25 61229.68 PE.BARE$598.45
168.33.56560 47.79 PE.BARE$597.10
168.33.75688 8.03 PE.BARE$597.10
168.34.0 6122 11.86 PE.BARE$595.74
168.34.2 6560 57.11 PE.BARE$595.74
168.34.50688 9.60 PE.BARE$595.74
33.42.906333 5.00 BLACK$647.33
42.24.856393 8.00 BLACK$669.04
48.33.686412 10.00 BLACK$652.76
60.33.91650 14.58 BE. BLACK$666.33
735.166618 32.00 BE. BLACK$667.68
88.94.37622115.00 BE. BLACK$643.26
114.37.146879.57 BE. BLACK$709.75
168.37.1165014.58 BE. BLACK$708.40
2198.18610627.00 BE. BLACK$701.61
2739.276228.00 BE. BLACK$662.26
29911.8 63215.98 BE. BLACK$713.83
32512.5 611264.73 BE. BLACK$702.97
35511.1 612671.35 BE. BLACK$709.75
37713.7567857.64 BE. BLACK$716.54
40612.766648.78 BE. BLACK$723.32
1. The above price is based on BARE PIPE, for extra coating, please contact sales@primesteeltube.com
          2. The above price is based on EXW, for FOB/CIF/CFR price, please contact sales@primesteeltube.com;
          3. The above price is NOT including any packing and end processing charge;
          4. The above price is only valide during Dec 21 - Dec 28 
          5. The applicapable MOQ for this price list is over 25 tons;