Seamless Carbon Steel VS Welded Carbon Steel

Carbon steel pipe is most commonly used in critical engineering applications. It may also be used in automotive applications or structural applications as well. Carbon steel piping is important in applications from oil and gas to control lines or electrical lines. Depending on the job at hand determine
whether you are in need of seamless carbon steel pipe or welded carbon steel pipe.
Welded carbon steel piping is formed from an originally flat piece of carbon steel. The piece of carbon steel is rolled and welded creating a welded seam going long ways down your piece of carbon steel tubing or piping. The weld is formed by using a high energy source to melt the local metal together. Thus creating a weld bead when squeezed together. You will notices where the welded seam is the weld bead. This will be raised compared to the rest of the carbon steel pipe. You will find that some seams are manipulated to become more flush with the piping, while others are sold “as-weld” meaning they are left how they are welded with no further processing to the carbon steel.

Seamless carbon steel tubing or piping, also referred to as drawn piping starts with a solid bar or block of carbon steel. The piece of carbon steel is then put through a process of drilling, extrusion, or oxygen lance to create a hollow pipe. Once the tubing is hollow it is then placed through a die and mandrel phase to create a larger interior diameter providing various sizes of seamless carbon steel tubing.

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