China's Manufacturing Industry Cannot Be Easily Speaking Out of“Turn off”

Real economy problem widely concerned recently, "heavy light virtual reality", "take off the real to virtual" tendency, even some people said that our country has completed industrialization, manufacturing should quit the historical stage. As a SSAW, 3 PE anticorrosive coating steel pipe, large diameter DSAW stee pipe and other products production services, Shinestar group have been much concerned about the development of the real economy. Shinestar steel research institute believes that manufacturing never speaking out of “turn off".

Starting in the 1980 s, the United States, Britain, France and other countries dominated "de-industrialisation" was once very modern, even become a prominent phenomenon of globalization. As a result, it is caused of the international financial crisis of 2008. Facing financial disaster from these mistakes and almost all developed countries recognize that manufacturing is the founding this, can not be replaced, can't quit, must restore manufacturing, will be "de-industrialisation" reverse "industrialization". Manufacturing in the developed world can't, can't go back, in our country,  can't refund,  can't go!

Our country as a developing country, industrialization process is still very long, industrialized task is still arduous, manufacturing not speaking out of “turn off". For now, the real economy encountered some difficulties, and economic new characteristics under the new normal inner link, must take the initiative to adapt to the new normal; And "real to virtual" off "display" and "light weight virtual to real" also have a contact, must be corrected in a timely manner. At the same time, also has a lot to do with industrial transformation and upgrading.

Development of industrial manufacturing as the core of the real economy, is by no means to get low-end manufacturing industry, but to drive by eliminating backward production capacity and innovation, realize the traditional enterprises and upgrade traditional industries; By supply side structural reform, promote upgrading of the industrial structure; Through the development of strategic emerging industry development is more adapt to the market demand of new technologies, new forms and new patterns, etc., to promote "made in China" to a "high-end manufacturing in China"

The main manufacturing is the revitalization of the real economy. In 2017, the central economic work deployment, has clearly put forward the revitalization of a major task of the real economy. How to eliminate misunderstanding, correct "light weight virtual to real" "take off the real to virtual" tendency, and so on, are we are faced with the important task.

Shinestar group will also conform to the trend, eliminate backward production capacity, promote upgrading of the industrial structure, strive to produce high quality SSAW, 3 PE anticorrosive coating steel pipe, large diameter DSAW stee pipe and galvanized steel pipe, so as to improve enterprise competitiveness, the revitalization of the real economy, strive to hand over a satisfactory answer.

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