Workshop Design of Large Diameter LSAW Steel Pipe

In 1940 the United States first use UOE method to produce large diameter LSAW steel pipe. In the early 1950s, the United States built a LIOE pipe workshop with a diameter of 607 to 915 mm. 1955 ~ 1967 years of Europe, the United States, Japan UOE welded pipe construction workshop, the diameter of its pipe range of 406 ~ 1067mm, the maximum length of steel pipe is 12m. From 1967 to 1976, the maximum diameter of welded steel pipe was 1626mm, the pipe wall thickness was 40mm, the length of pipe was 18m, and continuous pre-welding and automatic nondestructive testing and automatic control were used in Germany and Japan.

Design scale and product program UOE pipe workshop design scale is generally 40 to 110 million t/a, the main varieties of high-quality carbon steel pipe, steel pipe yield strength of 750MPa, product specifications for the diameter of 406 ~ 1626mm, wall thickness 6. 4 ~ 40mm, length up to 18m.

Process UOE pipe material for the thick and thick steel plate, planing edge of the front of the pre-bending, U-type press it will be pressed into a U-shaped, and then in the 0-type press it into a round tube, after pre-welding , Round tube to send a few welding lines, welding the arc plate on both inside and outside the welding, the formation of steel pipe, and then in the expansion pipe on the pipe expansion pipe diameter, and improve the dimensional accuracy, After passing the inspection, inside and outside the surface coated with anti-corrosion layer.

The selection of process equipment is mainly based on the production scale, product program, construction funds and raw materials, energy and other conditions to choose steel planing machine, pre-curved machine, U-type presses, 0-type presses, pre-welding machine, Pipe machine, non-destructive testing equipment and steel pipe coating equipment inside and outside.

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