The Welded Steel Pipe Used for Structure

Structural welded steel pipe is used in steel structure, bridge support, building structural pipe, pile foundation tube, etc.. As the structural tube needs great egret capacity to pressure-bearing and withstand voltage, generally, we use the pipe that the wall thickness is greater than 8mm. The main material of the structural welded steel pipe is carbon steel, and mainly includes LSAW steel pipeERW steel pipe, and spiral welded pipe. The main parameters of the structural welded steel pipe include diameter, wall thickness, length, welding technology, whether the need for surface corrosion insulation treatment. The welded steel pipe for exporting needs to be grooved, painted, added the cap. Structural welded steel pipe is made with double-sided submerged arc welding or high-frequency welding.

Structural welded steel pipe is manufactured by continuous on-line production, the thicker the wall thickness is, the greater the unit and welding equipment investment is, the structural welded steel pipe has more no economical and practical. The wall thickness is thinner, its input-output ratio will decrease accordingly. Secondly, the process of the product determines its advantages and disadvantages. General welded steel pipe has high precision and uniform wall thickness, and the surface brightness of the pipe is high (surface grade of steel pipe determines the brightness of pipes), and it can be sized any length. Therefore, it reflects its economy and aesthetics in the high-precision, low-pressure fluid applications. According to the welding technology section structural welded steel pipe is divided into automatic welding, manual welding, automatic welding commonly used submerged arc welding, plasma welding; manual welding general use of argon arc welding. According to the weld section is divided into straight LSAW steel pipe and SSAW steel pipe.

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