China's economy to promote the world economic integration

"In the economic globalization today, there is no isolated island." Shinestar of iron and steel research institute believes that in line with the economic law of economic globalization, conforms to the interests of all parties, is the trend of The Times. And economic globalization is a double-edged sword, both for the global development provide strong momentum, also brought some new challenges, new situation need to seriously face.
Facing reverse the tide of globalization, rising protectionism, Jinping Xi in apec leaders meeting in Lima, chairman of a strong response, there is no way out "protectionism", "we can't because at that time the difficult to stop, to participate in the process of economic globalization, pay attention to with their respective development practice, pay attention to solve the problem of justice, leading the economic globalization to develop in the direction of a more inclusive pratt &whitney"...
In the G20 summit in hangzhou, China actively pushing for the “G20 global trade growth strategy”, in order to reduce trade costs and promote trade and investment policy coordination, promote trade in services, to strengthen trade financing and other major trade and investment development goals provides a stable mechanism of protection, in order to promote global trade and pointed out the direction for sustainable economic development. Shinestar group as carbon steel pipe, galvanized pipe, welded steel pipe, line pipe, submerged arc weld spiral welded pipe, scaffolding, and other products production services vendors, also has been paying attention to the development of global economy, and try to realize their transformation and upgrading, contributing to the development of Chinese economy and the global economy out of a force.
Shanghai for 3 years, free trade area construction in building with the international prevailing rules of corresponding open investment and trade system, deepen the financial innovation and establish a new system of the open economy, has made important achievements, stimulated the market innovation vitality. Test new registered enterprises in 4 m, more than the sum total of more than 20 years before listing, a series of important achievements copy to promote in the country.
China actively promotes the economic integration, and constantly promote the development of the brics countries, China - asean, initiative to promote the asia-pacific free trade zone, promote regional economic and comprehensive partnership agreement. Is to fully promote the trade between China, Japan and South Korea, for example, the three parties agreed that helps to give full play to the industrial complementarity among the three countries establishing a free trade zone, to further promote regional value chain integration, is conducive to the prosperity and development of the region.
In recent years, China has always insisted on promoting international trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, insist on multilateral and bilateral two open "wheel" together. In addition, we also need to be more positive in the face of market environment and the economic situation at home and abroad, to build an open world economy. Shinestar group will also strive to improve enterprise's own development, strive to produce more high quality carbon steel pipe, galvanized pipe, welded steel pipe, line pipe, submerged arc weld spiral welded pipe, scaffolding, and API line pipe manufacturer, involved in the process of economic globalization.

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