Reduce the burden of enterprise: the way of reform is the fundamental

Reduce the burden of enterprise: the way of reform is the fundamental
China's fiscal science research institute, said at the annual meeting of the strategy of social science college of finance and economics to solve the existing problems of enterprise comprehensive heavy burden not only rely on lower taxes, must want to promote all aspects of system reform, Shinestar of iron and steel research institute agree with it. Cost just rely on existing lower taxes, such as tax cut, cut, such as social security contributions appropriate to these as phased measures can be, however, may not rely on lower taxes to make the enterprise profit.
Enterprises in market competition to make money, in fact, depends on two aspects: one is the ability to create value. Second is the ability of cost control. At present, enterprise, industry and the economy as a whole are in a critical period of transformation and upgrading, climbing a camp, the firm's ability to create value is not strong, in the process of operating profit is thin. Shinestar group always pay attention to the innovation and development, continue to produce more technology content of Angle steel, galvanized Angle steel, channel steel, galvanized channel steel and other products, to further improve enterprise value. At this stage of development, on the other hand, some costs rise faster, such as artificial cost, environmental cost, etc. These costs rise is a sign of economic progress, but if the enterprise is unable to digest, will squeeze profit margins. Therefore, the enterprise profit space narrowing, actually is the result of the overall costs. To solve the problems of the current enterprise burden, is not just a question of tax burden, but comprehensive burden problem.
Some experts believe that the current public opinion excessively focused on the issue of taxes, it is one-sided. Comparing to traditional industries and emerging industries, emerging industries profit space is large, the existing taxes won't feel heavier; The traditional industry overcapacity, market is bad, in this case the heavier the cost will be back, so he wants the government to cut taxes. The government should give support to the traditional industry. However, tax reduction space is limited, more difficult is the issue of how to reform.
On the one hand, through reform and make the enterprise have a better business environment, reduce the cost of five insurance, institutional trading costs. At the same time reduce the cost of financing through the financial system reform, through the logistics system reform to reduce logistics costs, through the reform of administration monopoly to reduce labor costs and so on. In addition, while the iron is hot still need their own hard, ultimately depends on increasing ability of the enterprise itself. , experts say, is not only cost reduction policy issues, more important is the issue of reform, but also to improve its own ability truly. Hard, both macroscopic and microscopic unifies, transformation and upgrading of enterprises and industries to real, the transformation and upgrading of China's economy can truly. As the ERW Steel Pipe, galvanized steel pipe, channel steel, galvanized channel steel products such as steel production services vendors, Shinestar group will also improve their own ability, produce more quality products, truly realize the transformation and upgrading.

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