Safety Tips for the Removal of Steel Tubular Scaffolding

1. Before remove the steel pipe scaffold, should be according to the examination and approval of the scaffolding design and approval procedures. No implement safety measures, it is forbidden to dismantle. 

2. Demolition job before, should be approved to on-site construction personnel, construction plan of disclosure. Check and shall implement site safety protective measures.
3. The scaffolding demolished before, should be preserved on the scaffolding materials, impurities, such as clean, and should be affected by the demolition of mechanical equipment, electrical and other pipeline removal, or to protect it. 
4. All high homework scaffolding personnel should strictly in accordance with the above operation regulations and to observe the safety discipline, the order of the demolition process requirement from top to bottom, it is strictly prohibited, and the lower dismantling homework at the same time. 
5. All the windows should be closed within a building lock, does not allow to open or to the overhanging objects.
6. After demolition workers into jobs, to reinforce the loose parts, clear step left inside the layer material, objects and garbage, it is strictly prohibited to high toss. 
7. All high homework personnel, should be strictly in accordance with high operation regulations and to observe the safety discipline, remove the process requirement. On 
8. According to the set-up of the program, the safety net - vertical transmission net - mat spread its - protective railing, joists, diagonal member, even the wall bar, the ledger, small bar. 
9. Do not allow the discrete surface to dismantle or upper and lower two sides at the same time remove (step). Make sure to do step by step on one rod.

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