Pre-welding process for LSAW Steel Pipe

LSAW steel pipes (UOE, JCOE) manufacturing processes, welding processes are set to continuous advance. Its role is to be finalized after the tube forming, shaping and positioning within the weld seam on the back cover, in order to ensure the pipe dimensions and is conducive to tube welded pipe to improve quality and production efficiency.

Pre-welding process
After forming the tube by the next roller conveyor transported to a pre-welder's torch, rising rotating roll, rotate to adjust an open position to weld at the top of both sides of the pressure on the pressure roller and the pressure roller so that the tube seam, drop gun and adjust the tracking of the weld seam, open the protective gas and cooling water, start welding, welding condition monitoring, welded to the tube end welding arc stops (automatic delay stop gas), lift the gun and the top pressure rollers, pipe welder pre sent , pipe ends and welding defects.

Pre-welding process characteristics
Pre-welding using Ar + CO2 mixed gas shielded arc welding, continuous welding seam on the back of the tube to move at a faster speed. Since the bevel angle, tube shape, the tube along the longitudinal direction of the opening and both sides of the plate edge distortion factors of inequality, forming the seam after seam quality is not stable, larger changes. Need to change the tube seam welding, the arc of a steady state, the weld position deviated from the case and other real-time tracking and adjusted accordingly. Thus presoldered have welding speed, impact seam quality factors, changes and adjustments randomness and other characteristics. info@primesteeltube.com

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