In Stock ERW Pipe Price Jan 12 - Jan 19, 2018

API 5L/A53 GR.B, ERW Steel Pipe
Outside DiameterWall ThicknessLengthQuantity 数量RemarkEXW CHINA 
外径 (mm)壁厚 (mm)长度 (mtr)PCS 根数TON 吨位Surface,EndUSD/TON
33.43.38 5.83335.00 PE.BLACK$632.56
42.23.56 5.83938.00 PE.BLACK$633.94
48.33.68 5.841210.01 PE.BLACK$628.42
60.33.91 5.852117.00 BE. BLACK$624.29
735.16 5.861832.01 BE. BLACK$642.20
88.95.49 5.822215.04 BE. BLACK$646.34
114.36.02 5.819719.00 BE. BLACK$622.91
1687.11 5.815426.07 BE. BLACK$629.80
2198.18 5.810627.05 BE. BLACK$629.80
2739.27 5.85620.26 BE. BLACK$605.00
32510.315.836 17.28 BE. BLACK$643.58
35511.135.831 17.55 BE. BLACK$658.74
40612.7 5.826 19.22 BE. BLACK$672.52
50815.1 5.821 23.11 BE. BLACK$672.52
61017.485.817 26.05 BE. BLACK$693.20
33.43.006462 6.23 PE.BLACK$633.00
48.33.506535 12.41 PE.BLACK$637.04
60.33.506464 13.65 PE.BLACK$627.61
60.34.506271 10.07 BE. BLACK$645.12
734.806187 9.06 BE. BLACK$654.55
76.1561528.00 BE. BLACK$628.96
88.95645228.06 BE. BLACK$628.96
114.3661019.71 BE. BLACK$637.04
168.37612120.21 BE. BARE$643.77
219.19.5622165.11 BE. BARE$643.77
32512.7 613880.98 BE. BLACK$666.67
2739.5 65520.37 BE. BLACK$657.24
40612.7 63727.34 BE. BLACK$684.18
50812.764239.09 BE. BLACK$677.44
61015.566689.99 BE. BLACK$678.44
1. The above price is based on BARE PIPE, for extra coating, please contact sales@primesteeltube.com
          2. The above price is based on EXW, for FOB/CIF/CFR price, please contact sales@primesteeltube.com;
          3. The above price is NOT including any packing and end processing charge;
          4. The above price is only valide during Jan 12 - Jan 19 
          5. The applicapable MOQ for this price list is over 25 tons;

Order--ERW Steel Pipe to UK

Product: ERW Steel Pipe
Standard: API 5L Gr.B
Specification: Ø219.1mm X 6.35mm X 6000mm.                                                       
                        Ø273.1mm X 6.35mm X 6000mm.
                        Ø355.6mm X 7.92mm X 6000mm
                        Ø457.2mm X 7.92 X 6000mm                                                                                           
                        Ø610mm X 9.53 X 6000mm"
Surface: Black Painting
Ends: BE
Quantity: 130.1t
Production Time: 30 DAYS
Destination: UK
Sales Expert: Landry 


Stainless Steel Pipe Type

There is a wide range of stainless steel pipe type. Because the technical requirements and applications are different, the production method processes of stainless steel pipes are different as well. At present, there are five methods to deal with the stainless steel pipe type. Now,  we will explain them respectively.

The first method to classify the stainless steel pipes is according to the production mode. Stainless steel pipes can be divided into two main types:seamless stainless tube and welded stainless steel pipe. And
the seamless stainless tube can be divided again in to four smaller types: hot-rolled pipe, hot-rolled pipe, cold drawn pipe and extruded tube. And the welded stainless steel pipe can be also divided into two smaller types: longitudinal welded pipe and helical weld pipe. The second method to deal with the stainless steel pipe type is to classify the stainless steel pipes depending on the sectional form.

According to the sectional form, the stainless steel can be divided into circular pipe and special section pipe. It is easy to understand the meaning of circular pipe, but not easy to make sense with the concept of special section pipe. Just as its name implies, special section pipe means rectangular pipe, diamond shape pipe, oval pipe, six-point pipe, eight-point pipe and other asymmetric pipes. The third method to deal with the stainless steel pipe type is to classify the stainless steel pipes depending on texture. According to different texture, stainless steel pipes can be divided into: common carbon steel pipe, high quality carbon steel pipe, alloy structure pipe,alloy steel pipe, and so on.

The forth method to deal with the stainless steel pipe type is to classify the stainless steel pipes according to the shape of pipe end. In this way, stainless steel pipes can be divided into: smooth pipe and deformed steel pipe. Deformed steel pipe can be further divided into common deformed steel pipe and special deformed steel pipe. The former is usually used to convey water or coal gas, and the later is commonly used in geological drilling. The fifth method to deal with the stainless steel pipe type is to classify the stainless steel pipes according to the usage. Classified by use, the stainless steel pipes can be divided into oil well pipe, pipeline pipe, boiler pipe, mechanical structure pipe, chemical engineering pipe, and so on.

In Stock ERW Pipe Price Jan 5 - Jan 12, 2018

API 5L/A53 GR.B, ERW Steel Pipe
Outside DiameterWall ThicknessLengthQuantity 数量RemarkEXW CHINA 
外径 (mm)壁厚 (mm)长度 (mtr)PCS 根数TON 吨位Surface,EndUSD/TON
33.43.55 5.83335.22 PE.BLACK$662.88
42.22.55 5.83935.88 PE.BLACK$664.25
48.33.68 5.841210.01 PE.BLACK$658.74
60.33.91 5.852117.00 BE. BLACK$653.23
735.16 5.861832.01 BE. BLACK$671.15
88.95.15 5.822114.10 BE. BLACK$653.23
114.35.15 5.819716.38 BE. BLACK$651.85
1275.15 5.841838.81 BE. BLACK$654.61
1335.15 5.822121.53 BE. BLACK$643.58
139.75.15 5.819720.20 BE. BLACK$653.23
1524.85.8165 17.25 BE. BLACK$655.99
1596.155.8155 21.56 BE. BLACK$646.34
168.37.1 5.859 10.00 BE. BLACK$658.74
2198.2 5.8106 27.05 BE. BLACK$658.74
2739.275.822 7.96 BE. BLACK$633.94
33.43.256300 4.35 BLACK$672.82
42.33.756590 12.62 BLACK$687.86
48.33.756659 16.29 BLACK$678.29
60.34.256550 19.39 BE. BLACK$687.86
734.756168 8.06 BE. BLACK$687.86
88.95625315.70 BE. BLACK$674.19
114.36618717.98 BE. BLACK$672.82
168.38615028.46 BE. BLACK$679.66
193.76.869818.43 BE. BLACK$679.66
2196.865010.68 BE. BLACK$675.56
244.55.0 6366.38 BE. BLACK$672.82
2736.0 65913.98 BE. BLACK$679.66
177.88.0 69819.70 BE. BLACK$681.03
1524.756697.14 BE. BLACK$676.92
1596.8625639.20 BE. BLACK$671.45
1. The above price is based on BARE PIPE, for extra coating, please contact sales@primesteeltube.com
          2. The above price is based on EXW, for FOB/CIF/CFR price, please contact sales@primesteeltube.com;
          3. The above price is NOT including any packing and end processing charge;
          4. The above price is only valide during Jan 5 - Jan 12 
          5. The applicapable MOQ for this price list is over 25 tons;